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​Shibuki Mayuki's assistant

Design: Nayu

​CV: Siri ⇒ Stick reading


A chinchilla-shaped fairy playing the accompaniment at the time of the tea party.

He specializes in pianos (and keyboards).

I am in charge of sound with a magic synthesizer.

In everyday life, she seems to be doing the chores of the young lady (Mayuki Shibuki) ...

Its body is a fairy who contracted with Shibuki when he was in a different world.

When you come to the earth, you are masquerading as a creature that exists on the earth.

​ The shape is a chinchilla, not a hamster.

Because of the fairy, there is no fixed size, it can grow or shrink.

Emotions and facial expressions are linked to Mayuki Shibuki.

つまみん(マスコット): 詳細

​True figure

The appearance of the snacks that took power when they were in a different world
​ Design: Genyu Doji
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