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  • 【公式】紫吹真雪┃活動歴・実績

    ​Activity history ↑ Click to see photos (note) 2020 9.15 SHOWROOM first delivery 12.12 Official standing picture release, official debut as Vtuber ​​ 2021 1.11 Original BGM series up 1.21 Started distribution on YouTube 2.5 Released Webpon as Kina Pro 2.15 Live2D debut 3.1 First published in E ☆ 2 magazine as Kina Pro 3.12 3D debut 4.23 V photo released (currently posted at V-MANI, a VTuber goods store in Gotanda) 4.25 Osaka Real Event " Wasabizm -Real & Virtual on Stage- " Appearance 5.27 #Nagoya VTuber Exhibition Life-size panel posted 5.20 / 22 Guest appearance on YouTube program "Creator's Ability -Cyber Image Space-" with Manabu Kishi acting as MC 5.29 First original song " To beyond the moon- " released 5.30 Started distribution activities on Chinese video site Biribiri 6.9 VTuber's largest online music festival "V Soni", spin-off project "V69" 2nd appearance 6.10 Akihabara sightseeing map "Ad Street" Sweet version No.97 posted 6.14 Guest appearance on the Owarai Tarento Hibiki program 6.25 Appeared in virtual music festival cafe "Yurukurage Beat # 1" and made cluster debut 6.30 Published in double-page spread in magazine E ☆ 2 7.15 "Creator's Ability -Cyber Image Space-" 1st Anniversary Guest Appearance 8.1 SHOWROOM Achieved 2nd place in virtual monthly ranking 8.10 Akihabara sightseeing map "Ad Street" premiere version No.99 posted 8.21 Appeared in virtual music festival "V Soni 3.0 x Kurage Beat 8" 9.17 As Kina Pro, the second Webpon is released 活動歴・実績: テキスト

  • クロマチックハーモニカVtuber | 紫吹真雪

    ご挨拶 配信予定 クロマチックハーモニカとは? 活動先リンク その他のリンク Mayuki Shibuki and Harmonica Tea Party Nice to meet you! I am working to spread my favorite "chromatic harmonica" to the world. Although immature, we mainly deliver J-Pop / Anison performances every day. Based on the concept of a tea party, the delivery that allows you to relax and work faster is popular. It is being distributed on sites such as YouTube and SHOWROOM, and it is currently being canceled every day during the video enhancement week. Why don't you join us once? Update the concept of "harmonica" you can imagine. It is a harmonica Vtuber that mainly plays chromatic harmonica! ご挨拶 ​Scheduled to be delivered ​Click on the appointment to go to the details and delivery platform! 配信予定 About chromatic harmonica Good at single notes, all with one​ You can play the key He is good at melody and solo, and there are also professional performers. Blues harp and compound harmonica can produce a slightly different sound. It is possible to cover all the keys by switching the upper and lower leads with the slide lever at the end. クロマチックハーモニカとは? ​Activity link Move by tapping the icon ​YouTube Video and delivery destination Listen to the delivery Twitter ​Delivery announcements, guidance, daily tweets, may be quite abolished Follow Twitch Attempt for new encounters such as game distribution and simultaneous viewing View SHOWROOM Delivery destination ・ Delivery almost every day Listen to the delivery Twicast Simultaneous delivery destination, one of the attempts to seek new encounters View Twitter​ (Chinese account) ​​Twitter accounts that make important announcements in Chinese and English, don't tweet too much. To check Instagram ​Summarize the photos (still images) of Shibuki (gallery) to look at a picture TikTok I will upload short videos and song clippings. It is the same content as the basic YouTube short video View ​NOTE Activity report / long sentence / impression Read the activity report ​Booth Goods / song sales To buy bilibili ​​ 中国の動画サイト、 契約終了に伴って活動終了 ​ 動画を見る ​Nico Nico Douga ​​Irregular delivery, occasionally updated videos Watch video / delivery 活動先リンク Other links LINE stamp Buy stamp marshmallow Question List of songs that can be played Confirm ​​Chromatic harmonica 3D model View model Mayuki Shibuki 3D model View model FANBOX (contents for listeners such as everyday) Assist Wish list Assist Fansfer (gifts and fan letters) Send a fan letter その他のリンク

  • 【公式】紫吹真雪┃つまみん(マスコット)

    Mascot Tsumamin ​Shibuki Mayuki's assistant Design: Nayu ​CV: Siri ⇒ Stick reading ​​ A chinchilla-shaped fairy playing the accompaniment at the time of the tea party. He specializes in pianos (and keyboards). I am in charge of sound with a magic synthesizer. ​ In everyday life, she seems to be doing the chores of the young lady (Mayuki Shibuki) ... ​ Its body is a fairy who contracted with Shibuki when he was in a different world. When you come to the earth, you are masquerading as a creature that exists on the earth. ​ The shape is a chinchilla, not a hamster. Because of the fairy, there is no fixed size, it can grow or shrink. ​ Emotions and facial expressions are linked to Mayuki Shibuki. ​ つまみん(マスコット): 詳細 ​True figure The appearance of the snacks that took power when they were in a different world ​ Design: Genyu Doji ​女の子の姿 変身を練習しつづけた結果ついに女の子に変身できました ​デザイン&立ち絵:鴉堂様

  • 【公式】紫吹真雪┃プロフィール

    自己紹介 キャラデザイン共通 アルケミストセット 2周年新髪型 自己紹介動画 デフォルト衣装 文字詳細 マリンスノードレス 使用イラストギャラリー 二次創作ガイドライン プロフィール 2のコピー 胡蝶の夢ドレス Self-introduction Mayu Shibuki Shibuki Mayu Harmonica Vtuber ​ "I want as many people as possible to know about chromatic harmonica." ​ Illustration: Kazuharu Kina Live2D: Sensai Haro ​ 3D: Yuno Yumeno ​Sample voice ①: Greeting ​Sample voice ②: Chat ​Sample voice ③ :? ← Short and simple self-introduction Introduce yourself easily in 2 minutes Self-introduction that understands everything → Introduce yourself slowly in 10 minutes Mayuki Shibuki Harmonica Vtuber An immortal alchemist from another world First in Japan! Harmonica Vtuber, which focuses on harmonica performances! I am working to spread my favorite "chromatic harmonica" to the world. Bilingual who also speaks Chinese. He is from another world and has the attribute of an immortal alchemist. Debuted in 3D and is being distributed in combination with Live2D. ​ ♪ Name: Mayuki Shibuki ♪ How to read: Shibuki Mayu ♪ Activity: Harmonica Vtuber ♪ Affiliation: Individual Vtuber Group Kinapro subunit ArRir ♪ Age: 944 years old I am under the curse of immortality ♪ Birthplace: Another world, the Kingdom of Canon ♪ Occupation: Alchemist living in modern Japan → In the daytime, I am doing alchemy at the Alchemist Association. ♪ Personality: Lady (self-proclaimed) ♪ Goal: Virtual harmonica player ♪ Dream: To let people in the world know about a wonderful musical instrument called "chromatic harmonica"! !! If you like, just remember "Chromatic Harmonica" and go home! ♪ Fan mark sheet music & snowflake ♪ Fan name Monica ​ ♪ Biography: An immortal alchemist who has moved through various worlds I usually do magical work using alchemy. I live in Japan now! I just came to Japan, so there are many things I don't know. Please tell me a lot ('ω') ​ ♪ How to call from everyone: Mayu-chan, young lady, young lady, Mayu Shibu, Mayuyu, Mayunyan, Yuki-chan, Empress Kang (??), etc. Please call freely! ​ ♪ Activity motto However, he is neither an ordinary girl idol nor a star who wants to spread harmonica. I'm not a musician either! I want to be called a performer someday! Delivering the harmonica tone, Play music to enjoy the sound! Everyone is an invited guest of the tea party! Let's get together ✩. * ˚ 自己紹介動画 文字詳細 自己紹介 Character design ・ Purple twin tail & twin ribbon required ・ Harmonica / musical note / staff / snowflake / rose / ribbon / tea motif ・ I don't like exposure / navel / shoulder / thigh exposure is basically avoided ・ Height 147 cm and surprisingly small So, it looks like the chest is swollen, but the small breasts that do not become a cliff Default costume Back view キャラデザイン共通 デフォルト衣装 2周年新髪型 2周年新髪型 胡蝶の夢ドレス 3Dモデル デザイナー:鴉堂 Alchemist set 3D model アルケミストセット マリンスノードレス ​Marine snow dress 3D model Designer: Kodo ​Gallery This work is used in activities, and you can jump to the creator's page by clicking it. Everyone is a wonderful creator, why don't you ask? ​​ * Secondary use and reprinting are not possible. 使用イラストギャラリー 二次創作ガイドライン Simple rules for derivative works ・ About cutting out of distribution → Cut out the performance → There is a copyright issue with the accompaniment, so the original song is basically NG. Those who are confident in the copyright are OK. → Talk / game part → Feel free to take pictures only! #Splashes will react if you attach them. ・ Fan art → Basic welcome, please → Hashtag # Splashing Posts may be used for activities and video postings. → Please contact us for commercial use related to Mayuki Shibuki, even if it is a derivative work. → 18 prohibited ・ Sensitive (excessive exposure) related fan art, creation is basic NG ×, please enjoy yourself without hashtag. ​ ・ About the processing of standing pictures: For background, text, free material and composition, etc. Non-commercial use is ◎ However, modifications that do not stay in the prototype are NG × Be sure to know the character's name as "Mayuki Shibuki" when posting. ​ * Processing using SD characters other than standing pictures and single pictures is prohibited. (Because the illustrator has the copyright)

  • 【公式】紫吹真雪┃クロマチックハーモニカ

    見た目 私の活動 音を聞いてみよう 説明資料 見た目 ​Chromatic harmonica 3D model ​​Focus on array and structure ​​ You can make multiple key sounds by combining the upper and lower leads. You can switch between the CMaj and C # Maj keys with the lever at the end. The lever is normally in the position shown in the figure by the force of the spring, but when it is held down, the part that closes the hole up and down changes. (See the session below for details) Learn more about harmonica Kind of harmonica ・ Structure of chromatic harmonica (Delivery archive) Listen to the explanation ​クロマチックハーモニカ持ち方 説明資料 私の活動 ​Chromatic harmonica ​Why promote chromatic harmonica? [Why did I get into chromatic harmonica? ] Originally I liked to sing, but I couldn't sing well, I couldn't produce high and low tones, and the pitch was out of sync ... However, the threshold of other instruments was high and I couldn't touch it, but when I met a chromatic harmonica and tried it with the thought of "If it's a harmonica ...", I could play a song like singing. became. I will not remove the pitch. The range is wide, and both treble and bass are produced! ​ [Harmonica here is good] (1) It can be expressed with breath and can play sounds like singing (2) It takes less time to produce a beautiful single note that is kind to beginners (3) Compact size and volume Smaller than other instruments, you can play anytime, anywhere (in fact, there was a result that laughter passed) ④ Even experienced musicians can enjoy it. You can practice many techniques even in the beginning. Deep and hard to get bored. ⑤ Can cover songs of all genres (of course, original) Some people cover jazz and classical music, while others like me like anime songs and Jpop. Of course, you can also play other genres of enka, old-fashioned melody, R & B, and so on. ​ [Why do you promote harmonica? ] Harmonica is an instrument used in elementary school music education decades ago. Even now, many harmonica fans, including chromatic harmonica, are elderly. In the Chroma classroom, people in their 40s are considered to be younger, and many types of harmonica have already been discontinued. If it is not popular among the younger generation, all harmonica including chromatic harmonica will become minor instruments, and everyone will be discontinued. Therefore, I would like more people to know about chromatic harmonica by playing anime songs and pop music that have a high affinity with Vtuber through the young culture of Vtuber. 【Finally】 Even if you don't play well, it's an instrument that you can fully enjoy as if you were singing, so I would like you to know it. クロマチックハーモニカ奏者おすすめ All Categories Play Video Play Video 02:35 ルパン三世 --Harmonica クロマチックハーモニカで「ルパン三世」を演奏しました♪ 聴いて下さい♪ 使用楽器 HOHNER Super64X Play Video Play Video 04:33 糸/中島みゆきcover ハーモニカ harmonica 中島みゆきさんの「糸-Tapestry-」を、クロマチック・ハーモニカで演奏しました。自宅録音。 MIDIデータ(伴奏):YAMAHAデータショップにて購入(著作隣接権はヤマハ株式会社様にあります。) Play Video Play Video 03:51 津軽海峡冬景色(石川さゆり)【Tokunaga Sound 歌謡曲集〜1~】 ・「Tokunaga Sound~徳永延生アレンジ楽譜集~」の公式音源チャンネルです。 ・当チャンネルの掲載曲(徳永延生アレンジ)は、すべて楽譜の購入が出来ます。 ・全曲JASRAC等、著作権使用認可済みになります。 ・楽譜購入ご希望の際は 【お名前】【送り先住所】【ご連絡先電話番号】【ご希望の曲集タイトル】を 下記のメールアドレスまでご連絡下さい。 徳永教室(徳永延生) ・なお、1曲単位のご購入は出来ず、曲集単位でのご購入になっております。 ご了承ください。 ・曲集一覧表をご入用の方もお気軽に徳永教室までご連絡下さい。 ・カラオケは自作音源はすべて同チャンネルにアップさせていただいております。 なお、その他の音源につきましては全て、パソカラホーダイ様を使用させて頂いております。 (同サイトを登録すれば今後練習用にもご利用いただけます。登録方法など分かりづらい場合は、 公式サイトお問い合わせ窓口、もしくは徳永教室(徳永延生) までご連絡ください) ・徳永延生(Nobuo Tokunaga) 1950年生まれ。大阪市在住。 1995年、横浜で開催された国際ハーモニカフェスティバルでは日本代表としてJAZZのガラコンサートに参加。リー・オスカーやピート・ピダーソン、クロード・ガーデンらと競演。 大阪を拠点に全国でハーモニカ教室を開き、インターネットレッスンも行うなど後進の指導に力を入れ、生徒の中からは日本・世界大会のチャンピオンを多数輩出。 2005年、韓国でCDを発売。韓国EBS放送でのスタジオコンサートを韓国国内で大きな反響を得る。 CD6枚、DVD2枚を販売中。さらに巨匠トゥーツ・シールマンスからも推薦されたCD教則本「クロマチックハーモニカ ポピュラーコース」を出版している。 ・HP ⇒ ・ブログ ⇒ Play Video Play Video 04:56 アゲハ蝶 --Harmonica クロマチックハーモニカでポルノグラフィティの『アゲハ蝶』を演奏しました。 聴いてください♪ Play Video Play Video 03:28 星に願いを(映画「ピノキオ」)【Tokunaga Sound ポピュラー曲集〜2~】 ・「Tokunaga Sound~徳永延生アレンジ楽譜集~」の公式音源チャンネルです。 ・当チャンネルの掲載曲(徳永延生アレンジ)は、すべて楽譜の購入が出来ます。 ・全曲JASRAC等、著作権使用認可済みになります。 ・楽譜購入ご希望の際は 【お名前】【送り先住所】【ご連絡先電話番号】【ご希望の曲集タイトル】を 下記のメールアドレスまでご連絡下さい。 徳永教室(徳永延生) ・なお、1曲単位のご購入は出来ず、曲集単位でのご購入になっております。 ご了承ください。 ・曲集一覧表をご入用の方もお気軽に徳永教室までご連絡下さい。 ・カラオケは自作音源はすべて同チャンネルにアップさせていただいております。 なお、その他の音源につきましては全て、パソカラホーダイ様を使用させて頂いております。 (同サイトを登録すれば今後練習用にもご利用いただけます。登録方法など分かりづらい場合は、 公式サイトお問い合わせ窓口、もしくは徳永教室(徳永延生) までご連絡ください) ・徳永延生(Nobuo Tokunaga) 1950年生まれ。大阪市在住。 1995年、横浜で開催された国際ハーモニカフェスティバルでは日本代表としてJAZZのガラコンサートに参加。リー・オスカーやピート・ピダーソン、クロード・ガーデンらと競演。 大阪を拠点に全国でハーモニカ教室を開き、インターネットレッスンも行うなど後進の指導に力を入れ、生徒の中からは日本・世界大会のチャンピオンを多数輩出。 2005年、韓国でCDを発売。韓国EBS放送でのスタジオコンサートを韓国国内で大きな反響を得る。 CD6枚、DVD2枚を販売中。さらに巨匠トゥーツ・シールマンスからも推薦されたCD教則本「クロマチックハーモニカ ポピュラーコース」を出版している。 ・HP ⇒ ・ブログ ⇒ Play Video Play Video 05:43 雪の華(中島美嘉) 【クロマチックハーモニカ(徳永有生)】 雪の華(中島美嘉)/クロマチックハーモニカ奏者「徳永有生」 ホームページ: Facebook: Play Video Play Video 03:24 「Fly Me To The Moon」クロマチック・ハーモニカ デュオ 2013年9月7日(土)旭堂楽器店サンホール、ピアノ教室発表会ゲスト出演。 クロマチック・ハーモニカ 1st:北村サユリ クロマチック・ハーモニカ 2nd:錦織のり子 ピアノ伴奏:西野桂子 ※スケジュールの都合でサウンドチェックがほとんどできなかったため、バランスやイフェクトの具合などベストの状態ではありません。予めご了承ください。 Play Video Play Video 04:36 【クロマチックハーモニカ】白日/King Gnu【吹いてみた】山下 伶 ~Chromatic Harmonica~ King Gnuさんの白日をクロマチックハーモニカで吹いてみました♪ 実は小学生のある男の子からのリクエスト。なんとカラオケの十八番曲なんですって!最近の小学生はこんな難しい歌を歌うのかとびっくりしちゃいました。 伴奏はこちらからお借りしました→ 山下 伶/Rei Yamashita 【オフィシャルウェブサイト】 【日本コロムビアオフィシャルサイト】 【オフィシャルブログ】 【インスタグラム】 Learn more about harmonica 音を聞いてみよう

  • Unit ArRir | 紫吹真雪とハーモニカのお茶会

    ページ TOP メンバー ユニット名の由来 夏羽良イヴ 白餅だんご 紫吹真雪 活動! Illustrator Kazuharu Kina Vtuber project "Kina Pro" affiliated Vliver unit ArRir メンバー Member Dango Shiramochi ​ Shiramochi Dango ​ Super virtual Cinderella Ryo Natsuha Eve ​ Natsuhara Eve All Summer Live Official character ​ Mayu Shibuki ​Splash eyebrows ​ Harmonica Vtuber ユニット名の由来 ArRir Origin of the unit name The name is a combination of "ar" from French harmony, and "rir" from fleurir flowers. The individuality and the place to aim for are different, but they complement each other, harmonize with each other, and have the meaning of making each flower bloom. ​ The three of us are working in a virtual world while getting along and helping each other. ​​ Ryo Natsuha Eve Official character of Zentama Summer Live Individual V group Kinapro affiliation! This is Ryo Natsuha Eve (* ´ 艸 `) Summer live isn't enough! I want to play with everyone more! Everyone's energy is Eve's energy! A summer live fairy born from such feelings. We are having fun with everyone while singing, playing games, chatting, and trying various things every day. I'm always flirting with my beloved Futon (loud) 夏羽良イヴ White rice cake dumpling Super virtual Cinderella It fell on the night of the full moon of the 15th night! Talk well, sing well, make a super virtual Cinderella with you ✨ It's "Shiramochi Dango"! The fox girl is being delivered every day aiming for a new idol form ✤ ​ My concept is a new [idol] ꕤ *. ゜ to create with listeners. We talk a lot with you, sing songs, try various things, and the white rice cake dumplings will be formed! Why don't you make white rice cake dumplings together? 白餅だんご ​Mayu Shibuki Chromatic harmonica Vtuber Good morning! I am working to spread my favorite "chromatic harmonica" to the world. Although it is a minor instrument, it is mainly distributed by J-Pop and Anison, although it is immature. Based on the concept of a tea party, the delivery that allows you to relax and work faster is popular. ​I want you to know this instrument. Why don't you join us once? 紫吹真雪 活動! Activities of ArRir! Watch other videos Watch live stream

  • 【公式】紫吹真雪┃曲リスト

    List of songs that Shibuki has a score Rarely there is a score, but some songs have no accompaniment. We may not be able to respond to other performance requests. ​ ​ Skill level: A Basic can be blown B Basically I can play, but I make a slight mistake I can play C, but I make a lot of mistakes You can play if it's about D one phrase E There is a score, but what is this? O sheet music incomplete ​​ ​ The list is updated from time to time.

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