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Mayu Shibuki

Shibuki Mayu

Harmonica Vtuber

"I want as many people as possible to know about chromatic harmonica."

Illustration: Kazuharu Kina

Live2D: Sensai Haro

3D: Yuno Yumeno

​Sample voice ①: Greeting

​Sample voice ②: Chat

​Sample voice ③ :?

← Short and simple self-introduction

Introduce yourself easily in 2 minutes

Self-introduction that understands everything →

Introduce yourself slowly in 10 minutes

Mayuki Shibuki

Harmonica Vtuber
An immortal alchemist from another world

First in Japan! Harmonica Vtuber, which focuses on harmonica performances!

I am working to spread my favorite "chromatic harmonica" to the world.

Bilingual who also speaks Chinese. He is from another world and has the attribute of an immortal alchemist.

Debuted in 3D and is being distributed in combination with Live2D.

♪ Name: Mayuki Shibuki

♪ How to read: Shibuki Mayu

♪ Activity: Harmonica Vtuber

♪ Affiliation: Individual Vtuber Group Kinapro subunit ArRir
♪ Age: 944 years old I am under the curse of immortality
♪ Birthplace: Another world, the Kingdom of Canon
♪ Occupation: Alchemist living in modern Japan → In the daytime, I am doing alchemy at the Alchemist Association.
♪ Personality: Lady (self-proclaimed)
♪ Goal: Virtual harmonica player

♪ Dream:
To let people in the world know about a wonderful musical instrument called "chromatic harmonica"! !!
If you like, just remember "Chromatic Harmonica" and go home!

♪ Fan mark sheet music & snowflake
♪ Fan name Monica

♪ Biography:
An immortal alchemist who has moved through various worlds
I usually do magical work using alchemy.
I live in Japan now!
I just came to Japan, so there are many things I don't know.
Please tell me a lot ('ω')

♪ How to call from everyone: Mayu-chan, young lady, young lady, Mayu Shibu, Mayuyu, Mayunyan, Yuki-chan, Empress Kang (??), etc. Please call freely!

♪ Activity motto

However, he is neither an ordinary girl idol nor a star who wants to spread harmonica.
I'm not a musician either!
I want to be called a performer someday!
Delivering the harmonica tone,
Play music to enjoy the sound!
Everyone is an invited guest of the tea party!

Let's get together ✩. * ˚


Character design

・ Purple twin tail & twin ribbon required ・ Harmonica / musical note / staff / snowflake / rose / ribbon / tea motif ・ I don't like exposure / navel / shoulder / thigh exposure is basically avoided ・ Height 147 cm and surprisingly small So, it looks like the chest is swollen, but the small breasts that do not become a cliff

Default costume


Back view

プロフィール (2).png




wa loli_default2023-12-03_19-26-13.726.png

Alchemist set

プロフィール (1).png

​Marine snow dress

Designer: Kodo


This work is used in activities, and you can jump to the creator's page by clicking it. Everyone is a wonderful creator, why don't you ask?

​​ * Secondary use and reprinting are not possible.


Simple rules for derivative works

・ About cutting out of distribution

→ Cut out the performance → There is a copyright issue with the accompaniment, so the original song is basically NG. Those who are confident in the copyright are OK.

→ Talk / game part → Feel free to take pictures only! #Splashes will react if you attach them.


・ Fan art

→ Basic welcome, please

→ Hashtag # Splashing Posts may be used for activities and video postings.

→ Please contact us for commercial use related to Mayuki Shibuki, even if it is a derivative work.

→ 18 prohibited ・ Sensitive (excessive exposure) related fan art, creation is basic NG ×, please enjoy yourself without hashtag.

・ About the processing of standing pictures:

For background, text, free material and composition, etc.

Non-commercial use is ◎

However, modifications that do not stay in the prototype are NG ×

Be sure to know the character's name as "Mayuki Shibuki" when posting.

* Processing using SD characters other than standing pictures and single pictures is prohibited.

(Because the illustrator has the copyright)

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