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Illustrator Kazuharu Kina Vtuber project "Kina Pro" affiliated

Vliver unit ArRir

ArRir (4).png



Origin of the unit name

The name is a combination of "ar" from French harmony, and "rir" from fleurir flowers.

The individuality and the place to aim for are different, but they complement each other, harmonize with each other, and have the meaning of making each flower bloom.

The three of us are working in a virtual world while getting along and helping each other.​​


Ryo Natsuha Eve

Official character of Zentama Summer Live

Individual V group Kinapro affiliation!

This is Ryo Natsuha Eve (* ´ 艸 `)


Summer live isn't enough!

I want to play with everyone more!

Everyone's energy is Eve's energy!

A summer live fairy born from such feelings.


We are having fun with everyone while singing, playing games, chatting, and trying various things every day.

I'm always flirting with my beloved Futon (loud) 

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White rice cake dumpling

Super virtual Cinderella

It fell on the night of the full moon of the 15th night!

Talk well, sing well, make a super virtual Cinderella with you ✨

It's "Shiramochi Dango"!


The fox girl is being delivered every day aiming for a new idol form ✤

My concept is a new [idol] ꕤ *. ゜ to create with listeners.

We talk a lot with you, sing songs, try various things, and the white rice cake dumplings will be formed!


Why don't you make white rice cake dumplings together?

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​Mayu Shibuki

Chromatic harmonica Vtuber

Good morning!

I am working to spread my favorite "chromatic harmonica" to the world.

Although it is a minor instrument, it is mainly distributed by J-Pop and Anison, although it is immature.

Based on the concept of a tea party, the delivery that allows you to relax and work faster is popular.

I want you to know this instrument.

Why don't you join us once?

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Activities of ArRir!
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