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​Chromatic harmonica 3D model

​​Focus on array and structure

​​ You can make multiple key sounds by combining the upper and lower leads.

You can switch between the CMaj and C # Maj keys with the lever at the end.

The lever is normally in the position shown in the figure by the force of the spring, but when it is held down, the part that closes the hole up and down changes.

(See the session below for details)

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Kind of harmonica ・ Structure of chromatic harmonica


共通 ①.png

​Chromatic harmonica

​Why promote chromatic harmonica?

  • [Why did I get into chromatic harmonica? ]

Originally I liked to sing, but I couldn't sing well, I couldn't produce high and low tones, and the pitch was out of sync ...
However, the threshold of other instruments was high and I couldn't touch it, but when I met a chromatic harmonica and tried it with the thought of "If it's a harmonica ...", I could play a song like singing. became. I will not remove the pitch. The range is wide, and both treble and bass are produced!

  • [Harmonica here is good]

(1) It can be expressed with breath and can play sounds like singing (2) It takes less time to produce a beautiful single note that is kind to beginners (3) Compact size and volume Smaller than other instruments, you can play anytime, anywhere (in fact, there was a result that laughter passed)
④ Even experienced musicians can enjoy it. You can practice many techniques even in the beginning. Deep and hard to get bored.
⑤ Can cover songs of all genres (of course, original)
Some people cover jazz and classical music, while others like me like anime songs and Jpop. Of course, you can also play other genres of enka, old-fashioned melody, R & B, and so on.

  • [Why do you promote harmonica? ]

Harmonica is an instrument used in elementary school music education decades ago.
Even now, many harmonica fans, including chromatic harmonica, are elderly.
In the Chroma classroom, people in their 40s are considered to be younger, and many types of harmonica have already been discontinued.
If it is not popular among the younger generation, all harmonica including chromatic harmonica will become minor instruments, and everyone will be discontinued.
Therefore, I would like more people to know about chromatic harmonica by playing anime songs and pop music that have a high affinity with Vtuber through the young culture of Vtuber.


  • 【Finally】

Even if you don't play well, it's an instrument that you can fully enjoy as if you were singing, so I would like you to know it.

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